At the heart of my philosophy lies a profound emphasis on the intricate relationships between human beings—a perspective that values what unites us over what sets us apart. This foundation is deeply rooted in the ethics of care, a perspective that underscores the importance of empathy and interconnectedness. This approach encourages us to transcend the boundaries of differences and instead, cultivate an understanding of shared experiences. Central to this philosophy is a three-step methodology: 'Expose', 'Explain', and 'Remediate' to ensure an effective strategy for achieving your diversity and inclusion goals. Depending on your organization's diversity and inclusion needs, you can choose from one of the services described below or opt for the comprehensive three-step approach in Dutch, French, or English.

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Step 1: Expose

In this step, I advocate a multifaceted approach to heighten consciousness and comprehension about diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

I focus on the 'why' behind fostering an inclusive organisational culture, gathering perspectives from all persons involved, encouraging dialogue, and mitigating polarisation.

Services offered: One-hour information meetings, Keynote Presentations, Panel Discussions and Interactive Workshops on e.g. Office Politics, Career Obstacles, Hidden Bias (as part of larger program).

Step 3: Remediate

In step three, I shift to the 'how.' This involves crafting an action plan for a more inclusive organisational culture.

This plan may include initiatives like leadership training, creating a dedicated sounding board, employee resource groups, mentoring, coaching, policy adaptation, assessments, KPIs, and more—tailored to your specific needs.

For the implementation of the action plan, I collaborate with in-house teams and/or trusted partners to ensure the engagement of experts best suited for each task. 

Trusted partners: